Take Control of Life's Crises Today!Robert Haynes, PhD


From the Foreword:

“Typically we do not choose crisis events that occur in our lives, but we do have choices about how we respond and cope with crises. Bob draws on years of experience as a clinical psychologist, as well as his personal experiences and the life experiences of others, to provide you with basic knowledge and skills you can apply in dealing with the unexpected events of daily life. In this timely book, Take Control of Life’s Crises Today!, Bob invites you to apply each chapter to your own life to better understand how to manage your life’s crises. Many personal stories enrich this book and provide lessons we all can learn from. Bob’s goals are to assist you in learning more about your own style of crisis management, to help you develop a system for more effectively coping with crises, and to help you prepare to effectively handle any future crises that may come your way.

Although this book is easy to read and personal, it contains a serious message about concerns common to us all. You can improve the way you deal with life’s crises. Take Control of Life’s Crises Today! will get you thinking about how you can prepare for your next crisis.”

Marianne Schneider Corey, MA

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Gerald Corey, EdD, ABPP
Professor Emeritus, Human Services and Counseling
California State University, Fullerton


Amazon Reader Reviews

Keep this book handy
“As Dr. Haynes includes in his title ‘a practical guide’, it is exactly that. The day after I began his book, my ‘crisis’ appeared. Fortunately with his help and easy steps in learning the positive vs. negative ways to approach individualized/personal issues, no matter the level of seriousness perceived by each individual, his straightforward and simple approach was a tremendous help in learning to recognize the way emotions make common sense difficult to recognize. Especially interesting was his chapter on teaching children to learn the positive actions in dealing with problems. Keep this book handy; we all need it from time to time.”

- Malinda 7-29-14

Don't pass up this book!
“As I read the book I thought many times "wish I had this book much earlier in my life". While Dr. Haynes has included many specific hints and questions to ask yourself in times of crisis, what I find helpful is his sharing of his own personal life experiences dealing with a range of crises; some very serious, and others that made me smile as I remember being in similar situations that, while not life threatening, nevertheless caused me great stress. His approach gives you the confidence that you can and will get through life's challenges if you are willing to take some actions that he lays out in readable and practical terms. I think everyone should have this book within easy reach and it would be a wonderful gift to give those you care about.”

- Tim and Patti  8-11-14

Read this book NOW!
“Let's face it, none of us can avoid dealing with crises in our lives. And yet most of us avoid preparing for them, as if doing so is just borrowing trouble, or even inviting it. Not so! (If you're on an airliner that suddenly loses cabin pressure, don't you wish you hadn't ignored that safety drill before takeoff?) Paying attention to this book now will save you lots of anxiety and grief when bad things happen in the future. Dr. Haynes provides a rock solid and sensible approach that we can all use to anticipate, handle, and grow from the crises we face, from annoyances to life-threatening disasters. First, he helps us analyze how we have handled adverse events in our lives--did we fall apart and become immobilized, or did we rally our resources to resolve the situation and then find a way to bounce back? Next he provides a game plan for doing better, with 10 clear steps to follow in order to cope with and learn from the crises we face. He also addresses the process of recovery and offers specific suggestions for developing resilience and taking care of ourselves--and for knowing when professional help may be needed. These are indeed sobering topics, but let me assure you that this book is not a downer. It's written with a lot of compassion and humor, and is full of vivid examples of crises that others have either mishandled or mastered. It's everything a self-help book should be--interesting, practical, clearly written, psycho-babble free, and helpful!”

- Dr. Janice 11-13-14

Was it the best outcome; what else should I have considered?
”Put this guide in your cart and proceed to check out NOW! A crisis, large or small, is lurking around the corner. Sit down with Dr. Bob and learn how to prepare, not panic for that coming crisis.
I've always prided myself on being a problem solver. I can usually find a solution to most situations. However, I have those 3 a.m. second thoughts, 20/20 hindsight, woulda, coulda, shoulda moments of doubt. Was it the best outcome; what else should I have considered; can I live with the fall out? I needed to become a better problem solver.

Dr. Bob's professional credentials and life experiences are impressive, extensive (read: About the Author) and a little intimidating. In the first few pages my fears were put to rest. He explains that the roots for his guide lay in his inability to manage his own personal crisis ‘. . . in a crisis, we need to have a game plan in place and I simply did not have one.’ I knew this was a psychologist I could learn from.

His engaging, conversational, personal style makes his guide easy to read. Through the case studies, practical suggestions and concrete steps, Dr. Bob encouraged me to analyze my current problem solving skills and to consider how I could be better prepared for a future crisis. Asking what emotions I feel, what actions I would take, and what I tell myself in a crisis situation kept me constantly engaged in this process. The self-assessment tool, explanation of self-talk, the role of emotions and past experience provided me with an understanding of how I deal with a crisis and what I can do to be better prepared.

All Of Dr. Bob's suggestions for improvement are worthwhile and valid. I will use all of them. But my go to, basic, keep it in your hip pocket mode of problem solving will be ‘ICIE’ (pronounced 'icky') This scientific method is easy to remember, can be accessed in a few seconds, and seems an excellent way to attack a crisis situation.

Thanks for the visit, Dr. Bob. No more 3 a.m. woulda, coulda, shoulda for me. I have a plan. I now know better and will do better handling the crises that will surely continue to occur in my life.”

- Kathy  12-1-14


Great read for life
“This book gives practical advice of how to handle different life situations. It was good to see I react to many things as I should and gave me additional ideas on a better way to handle surprises that happen in life. We lost our daughter as I was reading this and I found it comforting to read at the time. I would recommend this book for everyone.”

- Linda  12-1-14