Take Control of Life's Crises Today!Robert Haynes, PhD
is a clinical psychologist, author, and producer of psychology video programs for Borderline Productions. He has worked in the agency setting, taught at the university level, and provided individual and relationship therapy in private practice.

Bob’s life experience has taught him much about the human condition, about crises in our lives, and about how we can better handle those crises. The topic of stress and crisis management has been a focal point in Bob’s professional career.

Bob has co-authored two editions of Clinical Supervision in the Helping Professions: A Practical Guide, which is used as a professional resource and a textbook in psychology and counseling training programs. He has written journal articles and recently wrote a chapter entitled Managing Crisis: Personally and Professionally for Becoming a Helper, 7th Edition (2016), by Gerald Corey and Marianne Corey.

The topic of taking control of life’s crises has been a career-long focus for Bob. He began the five-year task of writing this book following a medical crisis in his own life as he learned what he needed to improve upon in handling crises. In this book, Bob shares with the reader the wisdom he has gained from 30 years of clinical practice and his own life experiences.

He led stress debriefings for 10 years, helping staff cope with a variety of crises from patient assaults and suicide to employee murder and taught Stress Management workshops for more than 20 years.